Butterfly Spinart rubber review

by Varghese on June 18, 2011

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The release of Butterfly Tenergy rubbers revolutionized the table tennis world in two ways. Butterfly released the best rubbers that the table tennis players can use it for generations. The second reason is that they made the price of their products so high. I’m seeing the release of Butterfly Spinart is another revolution they are bringing to the market. This is the revolution of developing Chinese style players.

Butterfly Spin Art

Butterfly Spin Art

The Chinese rubbers always suffer with quality problems. It is cheap for $14 to $20, but the quality of these rubbers are not good. They don’t provide consistent performance is another reason many avoid id. The Butterfly Spinart is the best quality rubber that comes in close behavior to the Chinese rubbers.

Is Spinart a tacky rubber? Not at all. It grips the ball very well. The performance of the top sheet is similar to Tenergy 64. What it makes different is it’s sponge hardness. The hardness of this rubbers is very high. Many players don’t like this hardness, so avoid it first hand without understanding the spin stored it’s barrel.

I have been using Butterfly Spin Art for a while. I have tried it on Dr.Neubauer Firewall Plus, Butterfly Innershield, Dr.Neubauer Bulldog, Stiga Classic WRB, Tibhar CO-3. The best combination I liked was with the Dr.Neubauer Firewall Plus. The soft feeling of balsa and the energy it puts through the rubber on to the ball is a good experience.

The balls come out of the Spin Art is hard to block. It’s ability to block was amazing - even I was able to hit back heavy top spin balls that came out my opponents. Hitting back the top spin ball? Yes, it can.

Butterfly Spin Art is for intermediate to high level players who can loop like Wang Liqin, Ma Lin, Ma Long. This is an excellent rubber that will live for some years.

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Ammar Mikhael February 29, 2012 at 8:55 pm

Hello Varghese,
I’m using Firewall Plus CPen with T05FX 2.1 and Double Fish 1615 OX LP. My style, start by returning serve by pushing or chop blocking using the LP then twiddling to my inverted rubber to continue the game. I am a close to table player, mostly hitting, blocking, pushing but sometimes I do drive spin and side spin. I have tried T05 2.1 but when I try to spin, it’s trajectory arc disappointed me. The ball cross off the opponent table. Then, I changed to T25 2.1 and once again same problem happened but this time the ball goes to the net. I don’t really know either it’s caused by the trajectory arc or the speed due their thickness and hardness of the sponge. Currently I try to use T05FX 2.1. I must say that the trajectory arc is lower than T05 2.1 but not as low as T25 2.1 and it’s a good news for me. But still the ball fly off the opponent table when I try to spin. Another thing, I found that T05FX is a bit slower when I hit the ball not as fast as T05 and it give me a little disadvantage as my opponent able to block my ball. I would like to seek some advice from you, which inverted rubber (with sponge thickness and hardness) actually suit FW+ and my style? I love the feeling of FW+ as it’s help me easily to lift the ball and Butterfly Spring Sponge as it’s provided me tons of control when handling opponent spin. Could it be Spinart or other rubber you can suggest that not losing any aspect that I needed? If so, what thickness of the sponge you will recommend? I don’t want to use any SP. I really want to have some spin in my game and untill now that become my major problem. One more thing, if you don’t mind, between hallmark phoenix and yasaka phantom 007, which is better to easy to place the ball, block hard loop, chop-block to shortened the ball and more reversal when doing passive block using FW+? Better in OX or with sponge (thickness)? Because I also thinking to replace my old LP.
Thanks for your advice, Varghese.

J-PenKing March 5, 2012 at 1:32 am

What thickness you advise when use with Dr Neubauer FW+ blade?

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