Dr.Neubauer Fighter long pips Review

by admin on August 16, 2010

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In the table tennis world, there are few manufacturers who focuses greatly on the defensive products. The TSP brand is one of them. They have their legendary TSP Curl series and the Reflex system paddles to help the defenders. Next to the TSP, it is Dr.Neubauer who has put a lot of resources into producing something for the defenders.

I heard about the Dr.Neubauer Fighter long pips last year. It was under testing from February, and I’m glad that it is out now. I tested the Dr.Neubauer Fighter 1.2mm today. I tested the OX version also. The OX version of the Dr.Neubauer Fighter is the best every long pips rubber that I have seen in the past few years that can produce very low arc balls over the net. The best long pips that I have seen recently that can stop the aggression from the opponents.

The blades I have tried the Figther on are Butterfly Innershield, XIOM Aigis and Dr.Neubauer Titan. The Fighter has similar pips construction as Tibhar Grass D.Tech. The pips are little more thicker than TTMaster Fireproof, somewhere close to the TTMaster Selection.


The Fighter is slower than Grass D.Tech. The speed is very close to TTMaster Fireproof II. The appropriate distance the fighter is suitable is two feet away from the table. I have not found taking the ball early with Fighter has any advantage unless the incoming ball is heavy topspin. I allowed the ball to rise a little and that’s where I have seen I can generate a lot of deception.


The Fighter is highly insensitive to the incoming spin. There is very good reversal of spin. So, beware when you face underspin. When I have tried aggressive push against underspin, the ball brings the best of it’s deception to the opponent. I find the Fighter is a very good for hitting long pips. The best combination I have found was with the balsa blade Titan.


Surely, the Fighter is very deceptive. I have seen some shots coming out of my paddle today with very high deception and unpredictable. The Fighter is one long pips that I have seen recently which can produce very flat and over the net dangerous balls. The D.Tech, Fireproof, Punto all have little highter arc over the table. The Fighter makes almost flat shots. I doubt any world class player can return those shots.


The Fighter is not for passive block. The Fighter is a block chop weapon and is for classic defensive game. When I started playing today, I had to adjust to under spin ball little lately. The rolling of underspin balls did not work. Then I realized if the Fighter does not respond to spin much, what happens if I can block chop an underspin ball. The return I made was very deceptive.


Next to TSP Curl P-H, I have found out that the Fighter is good for pushing. I doubt it is possible to push with the OX version. The 1.2mm sponge version I have used is excellent for pushing. Such a push creates all kinds of weird balls.

Speed Dampening:

Unlike other long pips, I have seen a great deal of speed dampening because of its special ABS sponge.  Be careful though. You have to adjust very well to the speed of the incoming ball to do the proper dampening. The OX version further dampens the ball even though there is no sponge. That troubled me a lot when I tried to add more speed to an incoming ball which was slow.

Conclusion: The Dr.Neubauer Figther is for a classic defensive player. The players who use block chop, this is very appropriate for you.

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ejunkie August 22, 2010 at 11:49 pm

Nice review! Makes me want to pick up my defense blade and play again.

John Lee September 1, 2010 at 9:31 am

Be carefull Fighter will SHRINK !!!!

It’s very easy to takeout from original gluesheet.
After that rubber shrink.

Be carefull !!!!

Defender February 13, 2013 at 1:08 pm

For me the fighter is not classic pips. That is hard to return ball after strong topspin. Block is good for weak tops. I have tried with sponge.

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