Donic Appelgren Dotec Control table tennis blade review

by Varghese on September 29, 2009

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There are so many “close to the table long pips blockers and choppers” are going to like this review. The ex-frictionless players also will like this review. I’m glad that I found out a combination that you players will like and fall in love again with frictionless long pips style of play.

A while back I tested the Donic Person Dotec Offensive blade - you will see its review on This Donic Person Dotec blade stole my heart in speed, control and feeling. However it was not a suitable table tennis blade for me because I had less control on my backhand with my long pips. These likings lead me to try Donic Waldner Dotec Allround and the Donic Appelgren Dotec recently.

I have tried Donic Appelgren Dotec with Dr.Neubauer ABS, the new anti-spin rubber from Dr.Neubauer. I have also tried TSP Curl P1R, TSP Curl PH long pips on Donic Appelgren Dotec Control. To put the whole experience in a simple conclusion, I can assure you that Donic Appelgren Dotec Control is a very good blade for anti-spin rubbers and long pips having less friction. The Dr.Neubauer ABS anti-spin and TSP Curl PH long pips worked well with the Appelgren Dotec blade. There is spin reversal and crazy spin with both those rubbers on Donic Appelgren Dotec. Although I have said reversal, don’t expect too much reversal with TSP Curl PH but there is reversal and a great deal of deception where the chopped or blocked balls go forward down. The TSP Curl P1R generates crazy spins, so effective in the hands of a chopper. I have tried both TSP Curl PH in OX and TSP Curl PH in 0.6mm. The TSP Curl PH 0.6 mm was taking more impact out of the ball than the OX version.

In addition to the TSP Curl p1r and TSP Curl PH, I have tried the following long pips too. Here is a short summary:

TSP Curl PH OX: The chops and blocks are hard to return by opponents. Lacks control when blocks against heavy top spin. Hitting is easy. Hitting against nospin ball is easy.
TSP Curl PH 0.6 mm: The chops and blocks are hard to return by opponents. Takes impact of heavy topspin. Need active game to control the drop location on the table. Hitting against under and nospin balls is easy.
TSP Curl P1R OX: More deception than knuckle effect. Need active chopping against heavy top spin. Hitting is harder than TSP Curl PH.
TSP Curl P3 Alpha R: Deception similar to TSP Curl P1R. The best in deception I have found. Less speed than TSP Curl p1r. Hitting is easier than TSP Curl p1r.
TSP Curl P2 OX: Behave like short pips with speed and knuckle effect. Good for players who look for inverted rubber feeling. Hitting is easy.
Dr.Neubauer Boomerag OX: Less speed in compared to all the above rubbers. Hitting is hard.

What makes Donic Appelgren great is its excellent control for a close to the table game. It has soft feeling. The blade has a central core of 4.5mm thick balsa, ayous layer and then a limba outer layer. The balsa central core accelerates the ball that helps low bounce. This behavior will be liked by many long pips close to the table players.

It does not have a lot of power to play away from the table. I had Butterfly Tenergy 05 on my forehand, but it did not help looping away from the table. I have not found any reasons to go away from the table except to test its power. With a slower long pips like TSP Curl PH on the backhand, a close to the table game is appropriate.


The Donic Appelgren Dotec Control with Dr.Neubauer ABS had tremendous reversal on blocking. Both with the anti-spin and the long pips, the blocking was excellent. The ball never fall from the table for the opponents to loop. I practiced some of the strokes Amelie Solja has taught me. Why I was successful in hitting with the anti because of its curvy handle structure. With the tip of the paddle pointing forward, I was able to make very successful hits with the anti. I was able to do the same with the TSP Curl PH also.

Keeping the ball short is always a challenge for close to the table long pips players. Be careful that the Donic Appelgren Dotec generates balls with medium to high loops - this has to do with the racket angle also. To keep this high loop short, you have to take the ball early as soon as it bounces.


A great success I find in my game is my ability to cut the ball with heavy underspin to the opponent’s side, and it never returned. I have seen some of those shots from my backhand with the Donic Appelgren Dotec with TSP Curl PH. I have not played such strokes with Dr.Neubauer, but with TSP Curl PH.

Top Spin

There should not be any argument with its ability to top spin with this blade. I have seen those Swedish high arc loops reshaping with this blade. The high arc generates very good forward rotation, and gravity pulling towards the ground is huge.

Have you ever had a look at these Swedish legend’s top spin loops? I’m talking about Person, Waldner and Appelgren. Their top spin loop strokes are classic. Any table tennis university will have their strokes in their curriculum. All the Donic Dotec blades are made with this idea in mind. I would recommend this blade to a table tennis player who learns looping strokes. The backlift, contact with the ball and the salute with a closed racket angle any top spin table tennis player has to learn, and this blade fits such hands.

Donic Appelgren Dotec Control

Donic Appelgren Dotec Control

tsp curl ph long pips

tsp curl ph long pips


The handle is made of cork which gives very soft feeling but the handle is curvy. Somebody with good wrist work will love this handle. It takes a day or two to adjust to the blade handle. I really liked the design of the handle and its extension towards the face of the blade. I’m able to move my thumb over this part for controlling my defensive chops from the backhand. I see its handle suit more fixed grip style players. I’m not one of them. It will take another few more days for me to adjust to its grip.

Who should use it?

I have no doubt. The Donic Appelgren Dotec Control blade will help the close to the table long pips players. However, this blade is not wide as other defensive blades.

The second category of people who will like this blade is close to the table top spin players.

To the table tennis coaches out other, please buy this blade for your students. This blade will help your students to develop top spin game. There are two blades that I recommend for beginners. The TSP BalsaPlus 3.5 or 4.5 and Donic Appelgren Dotec. Both have good feeling and Donic Applegren Dotec’s handle helps to develop good looping strokes.

Here is a video of Robert Shahnazari playing against Brana Vlasic. The Donic Appelgren Dotec has excellent control to play a game similar to Robert S.

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