XIOM table tennis shirts and shorts - Get an Extreme make up!

by Varghese on June 22, 2009

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The shirt and shorts that wear in your club or the tournament will tell others who you are. Your uniform will tell you how serious you are in the game and how much you respect your game. If you have been to a job interview before, you would wear a suit, tie and shoe to please the interviewers to get the job. That’s the same here.

In the table tennis game worldwide, next to Chinese players, the South Koreans shine very well. There is Oh Sang-Eun, Joo Se Hyuk and Ryu Seung min stand in the top 15 of the world’s best players. There are women players too. They practice and work together at the Samsung Training Center. I’ve had a chance to talk to the coaches of Joo Se Hyuk about this training center when I was visiting Europe in 2007. This training center produce the best of the world from Korean in the table tennis world, called the Korean National Team.

How come Joo Se Hyuk, the world’s best chopper is with XIOM, and not with Butterfly? You might have asked this question yourself if you have watched the latest Japan Championship videos. Every Korean player was wearing XIOM t-shirt.

The Korean National Team has a contract with XIOM for some years. The shirts those Korean players wearing are high quality and made in Korea. They are available for players of all walk of life now.

The XIOM shirts come in four varieties.

1. The first variety is a limited edition - it is called TT Fashion Gear. The range Sigma Shirts, Sigma Shorts, ZETA Shirts and Zeta Shorts , Opus, Hyper, RSM come in this category. They come with a matching shirt and shorts.

2. The second variety is functional models with 3-D Technical Gear with 3-d cutting design. Their price is little lower than the limited edition -  Tron, Omega Shirts, Mercury Shirts

3. The third variety is functional with less design and graffiti - professional gear. Viper Shirts, Prio Shirts, Corona Shirts , Adrian, Vista, Blade, Exis, Alta are for professional and club players. This category of shirts don’t come with a matching shorts.

4. The casual wear XIOM Win and Calypso suit club play. They are least expensive and is made of 100% cotton.

How to select the right XIOM Shirt and shorts for you?


It’s called uniform. Select the right color combination for you to represent you. The black color is one of my favorite color. Next comes the red color. If you are participating in team tournaments like JOOLA North American Team Tournament or doubles matches in the US Open, choose the same colors for your team with the same pattern design or grafitti.


There are different technologies like (1) aero cool (2) ultra light (3) atb 100 being used in the XIOM shirts. All these technologies have great advantages. If you prefer lightweight shirts or shirts, choose the XIOM shirts and shorts with ultra light technology. If you wants shirts that keep you cool, choose aero cool.

To find the right technology, click the technology tab of the product.


The XIOM shirts and shorts are made with a combination of cotton and poly-ester. There is no 100% cotton shirts available in their range.


The design is an important thing you have to consider. The graffiti or pattern design on XIOM Shirts and Shorts represent speed, spin and many more dimensions of the game on the shirts.


The color is an important thing to consider. Choose the color based on your liking and the team or the club you represent.


The size matters. All the XIOM shirts come with a chart. Take a shirt or shorts you wear, and take its measurement. Compare with the chart to find the right fit for you. That will save you time and money.

The players who look for shirts with American size need to be careful. When selecting a shirt or shorts, choose at least an inch larger size. The players of size M can choose size L. The Asian sizes are not equivalent to the American sizes.

Look at the logo of these players. Aren’t they all XIOM?

Oh Sang-Eun

Oh Sang-Eun, Courtesy: ITTF

Joo Se Hyuk

Joo Se Hyuk, Courtesy: ITTF

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alexandre November 1, 2009 at 11:30 am

“How come Joo Se Hyuk, the world’s best chopper is with XIOM, and not with Butterfly?”

JSH and OSE only wear XIOM because they play for National Team.

They use shoes, blades and rubbers from BTY. (JSH uses TSP also, long pips)

JSH plays for Samsumg Team, OSE plays for KT & G!!!

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