Donic Dotec Persson OFF- table tennis blade Review

by Varghese on June 18, 2009

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I have a crazy craving for soft and highly controllable table tennis blades. I can’t find a better game for myself without a balsa blade. Next to the balsa blades, I crave for Kiso Hinoki table tennis blades. I love the amazing top spin ability with the Hinoki blades. I have developed this liking after testing so many XIOM table tennis blades. Almost all the XIOM table tennis blades are made of Kiso Hinoki wood from Japan.

Recently I have been experimenting with different kinds of handle grip materials. I have heard a lot about cork handles made for the custom blades. But I have not seen a well designed cork handle in any brand’s table tennis paddles. This blade came to my attention when a friend suggested this to me on the tabletennisJunkie forum. The combination really attracted me - balsa core, kiso hinoki outer layers, cork handle and a special dotec handle system.

donic dotec persson off-

donic dotec persson off-

My sources say Donic is selling the Dotec blades in great numbers recently. The legends from Sweden Waldner, Persson and Appelgren have a blade on their name with this new technology. The DONIC Dotec appelgren is an allround highly controllable blade. Next comes the DONIC Dotec Persson, then comes the Donic Walder Dotec Offensive. I’m gonna talk about DONIC Dotec Persson only.

Do you like light weight blades? The Donic Dotec Persson is a very light blade. Do you like soft feeling blade? The Donic Dotec Persson is a soft feeling blade. Do you like the sweat absorbing soft handle? The Donic Dotec Persson has that too.

I have tried Butterfly Tenergy 25 1.9 mm on the forehand and the TSP Curl P3AlpahR on the backhand. I have felt if I had gone to Tenergy 25 2.1 mm, I would have got better spin. I was not satisfied by Tenergy’s performance on Donic Dotec Persson OFF blade. The alignment of the blade in my hand made the ball to have high loop angle. I feel a Tensor rubber can make the loop angle low. I had little problem with power spinning because the ball jumped too fast from the blade. There is another area where the DONIC Dotec Persson shines. Take the ball early from the table, and thats where this blade really shines. This ability extends its usage in the areas of blocking, looping off the bounce.

I have mentioned earlier that the Donic Dotec Persson OFF- has high loop angle. The blade is faster too, so it did not help me in my chopping game on the backhand. The blade is not wider, and that effected me too. But it is not at all a blade for short pips or medium pips.

The handle of this blade is special. This comes for the right handed and left handle people. It takes few hours to adjust to the handle style. The handle fits very well for players who have a good backhand loop or hit stroke and similar strokes on the forehand. The flow of the stroke go smoothly between backhand and forehand nicely if the player has good wrist mechanism.

Manufacture’s catalog description:

Great offensive blade for players of every ability, with DONIC Dotec technology. Super versatility with top speed and fantastic feel in every playing situation. The insertion of the legendary Japanese Hinoki wood, in combination with Balsa and Koto plies, is a unique advance by DONIC Dotec technology. Available in LEFT-handed or RIGHT-handed version.

The covering ply is constructed of Japanese Hinoki, supplemented with a middle layer of Koto. A Dotec mesh lies between the Japanese Hinoki and the middle Koto layer. The core consists of 5.0 mm Dotec-Balsa.

What exactly is the DONIC Dotec System?

The DONIC Dotec System is the first wood technology without awkward edges.Since the human hand does not have hard edges, DONIC wanted to develop a smooth blade without sharp edges. It was, therefore, important to ensure a completely smooth transition between blade and handle. The DONIC Dotec system is the first technology that provides a blade with a perfectly smooth handle - a joy to grip. The handle: The DONIC Dotec model has a totally different handle to previous bats. The handle is made out of one piece, surrounded by natural cork. There are different versions for right and left handers.

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Andy November 18, 2011 at 1:09 am

Is this blade suitable for short or medium pips?
Can TSP 20072 have a good performance with this blade?

Chris Holton December 28, 2012 at 11:55 am

I have been using this blade for three weeks. I pulled the rubber off my DONIC waldner ultra carbon blade so I could compare “apples to apples” LKT pro XT 2.2 blk. forehand…friendship “729″ 1.5 red back hand. the top spin loops have more spin. against chops and top spins, mainly because it is a non carbon blade. back hands are a dream, my grip stays the same and I can crack the ball harder and quicker because of the grip. smashes went into the net at first…but..!…after a little time I am able to quick hit and flat hit a lot stronger than before. this blade is a little slower right off the bounce ( non carbon) but has more top speed, my waldner blade was slower hitting long balls. over all I would never go back to a wood handle again, this DOTEC blade is the future, get one in your hands and you will enjoy the game a lot more. (my rating is 1766) as of 1991. I will be getting current this summer after a 21 year break. practicing 15 hours a week.

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