Joola Energy Xtra Table Tennis Rubber Review

by Varghese on May 28, 2008

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Joola Energy Xtra

Joola Energy Xtra

In simple words, Joola Energy Xtra is a perfect choice for controlled loopers and defensive blockers and choppers. The Joola Energy Xtra suits a player who is learning the top spin looping strokes - select 1.7 mm or 2.0 version and not the max version.

The Joola Energy Xtra has speed glue effect – it is made of tensor technology. The rubber has excellent “click” sound. I have not tried a rubber which has so much louder click sound as Joola Energy Xtra – the DONIC Coppa JO Silver which is softer as Energy Xtra does not make such sound as Energy Xtra.

The sponge of Energy Xtra is made of soft sponge of hardness 37.5 degree. This softness helps the ball to sink deep into the sponge and the player gets so much control where to hit the ball - I would say it has extreme control. This is why this rubber is an excellent rubber for defensive players who would like to block or chop. The aggressive players can use Joola Energy Xtra on their back hand for a variety of strokes – from defensive blocks to aggressive loops.

The heavy loop strokes can easily be blocked and can return all the speed and spin back to the attacker. The softness of the rubber also helps controlled loopers – close to the table or in the mid distance. I have played this rubber against players who use short pips on one side and long pips on the other side – with spin varying so much from my opponent. I was able to consistently loop no-spin to heavily chopped balls without making many errors.

From mid distance, I was able to return my opponents smashes and counter loop and drive with much ease. I have found the throw angle is little high, and that makes the ball to drop the other side with ease. Consistently looping without causing errors is the highest plus of this rubber.

The softness of this sponge makes a good chopping rubber. I was able to cut heavy top spin and return with low arc - even cutting smashes to generate underspin was smooth. I love pushing with this rubber. The players who play push strokes against me to escape from my long pips chops little noticed that I was using my inverted Joola Energy Xtra to push – twiddling between long pips and inverted was fun.

I have found few weaknesses in Joola Energy Xtra. For a looping stroke, Joola Energy Xtra can’t generate much speed and topspin, however countering against a top spin loop can. The “click” sound while you loop will give you a false impression that the ball is travelling with much speed and spin - but not in reality. I have found it hard to handle very short balls close to the net – dropped balls. I had to hit hard or chop to handle such balls. Trying passive block to redirect such balls with top spin will get you severely punished – the ball will bounce with less pace. Playing continuous passive strokes with this rubber against an attacker will be a disaster. You have to learn to return the energy from your opponent with the correct strokes – passive against active and active against passive.

Joola Energy Xtra can generate very good spin while serving only if you have a fast arm movement and brush the ball fast. It can’t generate as much spin as a tacky rubber.

The top sheet of Joola Energy Xtra is very soft and made with Tensor technology. I was trying to flip a dropped ball from my opponent and my paddle hit the table – part of the rubber came out. All Tensor rubbers are little brittle, but they are excellent rubbers with quality. The Joola Energy Xtra does not absorb dust as other rubbers. I’ve used water to clean it – the rubber looks like new after days of use.

Joola Energy Xtra is an excellent rubber for:

1. Defensive blockers and choppers.
2. Controlled Loopers.
3. Hitters and drivers.
4. Someone who is starting to learn loops.

Joola Energy Xtra rubber costs $50. I would love to pay that amount for a rubber that can grant me so much control.

The XIOM Omega II Euro is an advanced version of Joola Energy Xtra. The hardness of XIOM Omega II Euro is 40 which is higher than Joola Energy Xtra.

The Joola Energy Xtra, XIOM Omega II Euro available at

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