Hallmark Supernova Long Pimples OX Rubber review

by Varghese on December 8, 2007

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I have used the Hallmark long pimples rubber like Super Defense before. Their rubbers have quality. But I’m not sure whether or not I’m satisfied with their new long pips rubber Supernova. I was little amazed by their write up for this rubber. The write up says:

“Supernova is a new generation of long pimple which has spin reversal and an excellent disturbing effect but also has friction. Supernova is outstanding when chopping away from the table producing high levels of backspin, hitting is also possible which causes the ball to skid along the opponents side of the table, making it very difficult to return. The high level of control makes returning spin serves easy and even pushing a float ball causes the ball to have some forward rotation.

Supernova meets all the new ITTF friction requirements to be introduced on 1st July 2008 and is available in Red and Black OX.”

I was caught up in their claim that this rubber is good for chopping away from the table. Unfortunately it is not good for chopping away from the table. There is only no-sponge version of this rubber available, and the rubber is slow. The chopping away from the table would have been easy if there was some sponge available on the rubber. I wrote to Hallmark and asked them about a sponge version for which I did not receive any reply. I suspect why they keep this rubber in OX version, is because the reversal of spin is better only in a no-sponge version.

The defensive players who play close to the table (or over the table) with chop blocks can generate good underspin. You can even generate good under spin on dead spin balls from your opponents. The rubber can generate low to medium wobbling effect on the balls.

What do I like about this rubber? The rubber has good control for a player who is playing close to the table. I was able to hit through the ball. I was so much impressed by its ability to attack. I was able to attack the under spin and dead spin balls consistently.

The big question that every one should ask now is “Is it legal?” It is legal. How long it can be legal is the question. This is because the way this rubber is manufactured. When I received this rubber, I ran my fingers through the rubber. I felt a type of glue on this pips, and it was sticky. I think Hallmark might have sprayed some kind of glue on a frictionless rubber to make this rubber as a friction one. I don’t know how long that friction will last, so I suspect the rubber will lose its friction slowly.

The price? This rubber is very expensive. With also the dollar value down, the price of the rubber is $75. This is one after-effect you should notice when all the frictionless rubbers are banned, and the ITTF helping the manufactures to come up with new rubbers and the manufactures are selling the rubber for unbelievable prices - the same is true in the case of speed glue also.

An update: In February 2008, the Hallmark has suspended the shipment of Supernova rubbers to customers. As per their website, they are negotiating with ITTF to make it legal after July 2008.

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Fadil Olguner January 21, 2008 at 11:36 pm

I’ve played all of Dr.Neubaurer’s frictionless rubbers before.Now I am playing with Hallmark Friction Special.Before Friction Special I was playing with Super Special and Original Red version.When Hallmark produced Friction Special they claimed that F.Special would be ITTF approved. But not.That’s why I changed my rubber.Now I tested Super Nova.I was looking for some alternatives for the Ban and it was Steave who adviced me Super Nova.But to say the truth I am dissapointed.Although it has some good sides,in general it is not as effective as frictionless ones .Its spinreversal is bad but you can attack a little bit easier.If I want to attack with a rubber without spinreversal why can I use Super Nova,I can use chinese rubbers.

TAW March 15, 2012 at 3:21 am

Does anyone here who uses HALLMARK MIRAGE??? can you tell me the specification of this rubber… ?? and the different between it and super anti special”"”

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