Butterfly Table Tennis / Ping Pong Personal Rollaway table

by Varghese on September 26, 2007

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Butterfly Personal Rollaway

Butterfly Personal Rollaway

Butterfly makes excellent products. They make excellent table tennis / ping pong tables too. When I decided to buy a table tennis table, I followed the same path of research that I do whenever I buy a product – research on the internet for the features that I look for, the best price, get it home without much of my effort.

The popular brand names like butterfly, stiga, prince, Cornilleau make recreational and professional table tennis tables. The price of recreational table tennis tables range from $100 to $500, and the tournament quality tables from $750 to $2500. The table features and the materials it is built of make the tables to be pricy. The brand like KillerSpin makes professional style tables, exceptional to other brands with its elegant and stylish looks.

Where do you use your table tennis table, and the convenience to handle the table, are very important when you choose a table. The rollaway table like the one I bought is easy to handle if you play in your basement or garage. The rollaway tables have wheels, and they can be folded to keep on the side of the wall. The playback feature is something I was looking for in addition to rollaway. You can position one side of the table in an upwards posture to practice your short without a partner. If you are serious about improving your game, I advise you to buy a playback table.

The stores like walmart, sears, target carry table tennis tables. However, you may not able to find the right model unless you check out some online stores. I ordered the personal rollaway from an online table tennis store . The online stores deliver the tables through motor freight because it is heavy and big. Unless you can get some help from the freight carrier itself, have at least two or three people like your friends to carry the table from the curbside to your home. I paid an extra $10, and the delivery man was happy to carry that to my basement.

It is very important that you have read the manual / assembly instructions carefully before you assemble the table. The manual will not only give you step-by-step instructions to assemble, it will also have a list of tools that you require – like screw drive, wrenches of various sizes. Understand the various components that comes with the table like screws, table tops etc… The screws, nuts, bolts come in various shapes and sizes – you should know where to use what.

It took a whole day for me to assemble the table - I took breaks in between though. I had a lot of help from my wife, however it was hard to lift the table top to place on the final assembly – you surely need a friend unless you can lift the table yourself.

The step-by-step instructions to assemble is very easy to follow, however be prepared for some unexpected like the pictures missing or steps missing. When the assembly goes in progress, you may come across situations where you need to make little adjustments – I had to change the position of the screws on the table.

I like my butterfly personal rollaway table, and the skills I put into assembling it except few things. I did not like the wheels and its mechanism. They should have made it with a nut and a bolt rather than a simple press mechanism. I had hard time fixing the wheels, and the table fell on the wall during the assembly. Secondly there are some tight spots where it is so hard to screw the nuts – unless you have patience you may get mad. It took for me at least 30 minutes for each nut to be screwed. I think the designer should have reviewed this spot, and should have made adjustments for the tools to go easily get in.

The Butterfly Personal Rollaway table is less than $500, and comes with a net. I have been using this table for almost an year and is very satisfied. You may not need a table cover unless you are planning to put this in a very dusty area - you have to regularly clean the table to keep the dust off.

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